Gibbs, yay.

  1. Always copy and paste a URL or a name.
  2. A will-do attitude trumps skills.
  3. Always ask the simple troubleshooting questions first.
  4. Externalize your memory: write things down, always carry a notebook.
  5. Measure, don't guess.
  6. Write flames, but don't send them.
  7. Always write unit tests for error handling.
  8. Aim for 100% test coverage. You'll never get there, but bugs mostly happen in the parts without tests.
  9. Don't be late in telling you're late.
  10. If you cannot automate it, make a checklist out of it.
  11. Be careful what you reward, because you will get more of it.
  12. Be careful what you measure, because you will optimize for that.
  13. Don't debate with analogies.
  14. Always indicate time zone explicitly.