I first started programming computers in April, 1984. I’ve written some code almost every day since. I’ve made a living applying what I’ve learned since the early 1990s, in a variety of roles, in a variety of companies, as well as working on a number of open source projects in my free time. I have code running on billions of devices on two planets.

This masterclass consists of me sharing what I’ve learned and allows the participants to learn from my many mistakes. The course covers what I’ve learned about developing quality software reasonably efficiently. The goal is to spark discussions to get the participants to consider each topic from many perspectives.

The form of the course is a dialogue between myself and the participants, guided by me to cover a number of topics I’ve chosen. There is no expectation of writing code during the course. The course is aimed at all those who participate in a software development project in any role: software architects, testers, project managers, sales representatives, technical writers, coders, …

The course will cover topics such as:

  • Software development is mostly not about writing code
  • What makes software good?
  • Meetings should be fun and productive
  • How to figure out what to build
  • The most important factors for software quality
  • Collaborating within a team and organisation

After the course, the participants will be able to critically evaluate the processes of software development they follow and improve them as needed.

The course is one day. The exact length can be tailored for each customer.

See the training page for prices. To book training, contact me at liw@liw.fi.