I have several currently active hobby projects. I’ve retired a few more.

Active projects

  • clab—a command line address book (code, docs)

  • debian-ansible—Ansible playbooks for Debian targets (code)

  • extrautils—extra utilities for Unix systems (code)

  • Obnam—an encrypting backup program (code, docs)

  • Subplot—acceptance criteria documentation and verification (code, docs)

  • Summain—a file checksum/manifest program (code, docs)

  • vmdb2—create Debian disk images for real and virtual machines (code, docs)

    • in “selfish maintenance mode”: I mostly don’t touch it

On ice for now

  • Ick—a CI system (code, docs)
    • I actively use it, but do not currently work on it
    • you should not even try
    • this should eventually be rewritten from scratch, using everything I’ve learned
  • py_pgpwordlist—convert between hex strings and PGP word list (code)
    • a Python library
    • should probably be rewritten in Rust or retired

About to be forcefully retired

  • cmdtest—a command line address book (code)
    • mostly still around because it contains the yarn acceptance testing tool (which is replaced by Subplot)

Already gone

See http://git.liw.fi/ for the junk yard of scrapped projects.