and are primarily my own sites. They're meant to be a platform for the publication of the expression of my creativity and my views.

I welcome discussion of what I publish. Disagreement is not just OK, but eagerly requested: the best ideas arise from opposing views crashing into each other. However, it needs to be expressed so that it is civil and constructive.


  • No attacks on any person; indeed, no attacks at all. Telling me that I'm stupid and fat is not acceptable, even if true; phrase it better.
  • Telling me that I'm simply wrong, without providing a justification, is pointless and wastes everyone's time; don't do it.
  • Spam, trolling, racism, sexism, religous or political propaganda, homophobia are all clearly unacceptable. If something's in a gray area, I'm the one who draws the line.

Comments may be moderated before being published, and may be deleted after being published. Ditto for edits to actual pages. This is not limiting your freedom of speech in any real way: you're free to use some other place to express yourself as you wish. Your freedom of speech does not compel me to publish your words.

This policy is meant to be similar in spirit to Charlie Stross's moderation policy. He's more eloquent than I am, though I'll differ in some details.