I use several computers, and I've set them up in particular ways. To make this easier, I want certain programs installed on all of them. liw-meta is how I do that.

liw-meta is a Debian source package that creates a number of Debian binary packages that depend on what I want, and conflict on what I don't want. For example, there is a liw-common package that depends on a bunch of command line utilities that I like to have available:

  • bc: an arbitrary precision calculator
  • mmv: renaming with globs
  • moreutils: various random tools that should be standard on all Unix-like systems
  • python: in case I feel like hacking
  • rsync: for efficient updating of files over the network

There's more, but the exact selection isn't important to you. You might be interested in how this is implemented, and that's the only reason why I publish the source code in the first place.

I don't have just one package, but several, one for each kind of role one of my machines is playing. I also have one for each machine, to pull in the exact stuff that is specific to that machine.

There is a Bazaar branch for this code:


There are .deb packages in my apt repository, too, but since they're highly tailored to my machine, you really don't want to install them.