A free software web page (or web site) should make it easy and fast to find the following information:

  • Name of program.
  • What the program does.
  • The license.
  • Where there are screenshots (for program with a user interface), or a demo of some sort, for programs where this can be arranged.
  • Where the program can be downloaded, at least in source form (a single compressed tar package is preferable), and maybe also in binary forms.
  • What the program requires for building and running: hardware, libraries, other programs, etc.
  • Who the authors are and how to contact them.
  • A few news items about the program, such as the dates of the latest releases. This should preferably come after an explanation of what the program does to server newcomers better (they're more likely to stay that way).

This is related to content, not to its presentation. Presentation should make it easy to find all the above information, but is otherwise a topic too large for this little text.

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