The performance has now ended. The netcat-based broadcasting has terminated, but the files can be downloaded. See below.

Thirty years ago I started to learn programming. To celebrate this, I'm doing a bit of programming as a sort of performance art. I will write a new program, from scratch, until it is ready for me to start using it for real. The program won't be finished, but it will be ready for my own production use. It'll be something I have wanted to have for a while, but I'm not saying beforehand what it will be. For me, the end result is interesting; for you, the interesting part is watching me be stupid and make funny mistakes.

The performance starts Friday, 18 April 2014, at 09:00 UTC. I apologise if this is an awkward time for you. No time is good for everyone, so I picked a time that is good for me.

Run one of the following commands to see what the local time will be for you:

date --date '2014-04-18 09:00:00 UTC' # GNU
date -j -f "%Y-%m-%d %T %Z" "2014-04-18 09:00:00 GMT" # BSD, OS/X

While I write this program, I will broadcast my terminal to the Internet for anyone to see. To watch, you will need:

  • the ttyrec program
  • a terminal emulator that emulates xterm and is at least 94 columns wide and 44 lines high
  • compatible terminal emulators exist for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems; I don't know about Windows

I use the GNOME terminal emulator, but anything that is compatible with xterm should work. The size is because that's the size that comfortably fits on my laptop screen.

Sorry, I don't have a way to make this viewable with just a web browser. Afterwards, perhaps I can figure out how to produce a video of this. (If you figure out a way to do this by web browser only, please give me a link to instructions and I'll add it here.)

I will broadcast only the terminal emulator. If I need a web browser, IRC, or e-mail, you won't see that, sorry, but I will try to avoid them. I'll use the screen program to have access to as many shell prompts as I need, and I'll run my editor inside screen as well.

You can only watch. You cannot control my terminal in any way.

You can start watching at any time, and you'll see things happen at the speed they happened for real. See the ttyplay manual page for how to control the playback speed to catch up faster or to skip boring bits where nothing happens.

There will be an IRC channel as well: #distix on the OFTC network ( Feel free to join there if you want to provide real time feedback (the laugh track). I won't engage in much discussion during the performance, but I'm happy to glance at the channel from time to time.