Things I’m currently attempting to boycott, i.e., try to avoid giving any money to.

  • Sony. They think it is OK for them to put rootkits on people’s computers, and to prevent people from using the stuff they buy as they wish. They force people into submission by suing them, knowing that individuals have rarely any chance to even try to defend themself, because of the high legal costs.
  • Nvidia. They make it hard to have a driver for their graphics cards in Linux, using only free software. That does not sound too evil, but it is significantly stunting and distorting the process of getting development done.
  • The big music and movie companies. They attempt to take away all freedom from people (including freedom of speech), in the name of making money with outdated business models.
  • for twice cancelling my order for an HP Microserver and then spamming me, and not having a way to remove my account on their site.