NEWS file for ttystatus

Version 0.23, released 2013-06-19

  • No longer use the SIGWINCH handler, since that causes problems when applications do certain kinds of I/O and the signal interrupts it. Libraries shouldn't install signal handlers like this. Instead, query the terminal width whenever making updates.

Version 0.22, released 2013-03-12

  • When the terminal size changes, ttystatus will now update the display at once.

Version 0.21, released 2012-09-29

  • Updated README with information about where the output goes, and that it is restricted to one line.

Version 0.20, released 2012-09-23

  • TerminalStatus.error now always outputs. Error messages are too valuable to lose.

Version 0.19, released 2012-06-30

  • Added a TerminalStatus.flush method, to allow forcing an update.

Version 0.18, released 2012-05-08

  • ByteSpeed can now show average speed over a short period of time (which approximates current speed), instead of over the whole duration of the program.

Version 0.17, released 2012-04-15

  • Committed genocide towards whole civilizations of rendering problems.

Version 0.16, released 2012-04-08

  • Speed up by avoiding to format widgets until it's time to update.

Version 0.15, released 2011-09-17

  • Bugfix: the String widget now handles non-string values.

Version 0.14, released 2011-08-31

  • Notifications are written to the standard output, not the terminal.
  • A method for printing error messages is provided. They are printed to the standard error.
  • The PercentDone class handles zero total amounts better now.
  • Widgets may now be added using a simple format string. See ttystatus.TerminalStatus.format method.

Version 0.13, released 2011-08-18

  • No upstream changes, but released with a new upstream version so that Debian packaging does not need to get convoluted.

Version 0.12, released 2011-07-24

  • API documentation is now done with Sphinx.
  • The SIGWINCH signal is now marked as a re-starting one, so that socket I/O is not interrupted when an application uses ttystatus and the terminal is resized.

Version 0.11, released 2011-04-23

  • pydoc ttystatus now works better: you no longer need to access modules to see the exported classes. Instead, see all of them directly.
  • A final newline is no longer written out if there has been no output otherwise.

Version 0.10, released 2011-03-23

  • Fix handling of /dev/tty not being avilable. This can happen, e.g., when things are run from cron.

Version 0.9, released 2011-02-13

  • Add ttystatus.Integer.

Version 0.8.1, released 2011-01-30

  • Do not write notifications if output is disabled.

Version 0.8, released 2011-01-30

  • Write status output to /dev/tty by default.

Version 0.7, released 2010-10-09

  • Fix bug that failed to show the last few updates when .finish() was called.

Version 0.6, released 2010-07-13

  • Add ByteSpeed widget.

Version 0.5, released 2010-07-07

  • Speed optimization: widgets are now only updated when the values they're interested are updated, and widgets are now only formatted when the result is actually going to be printed. For long-running processes with frequent updates, this saves a lot of unnecessary computation.
  • Debian packaging fix: Add Python-Version headers.

Version 0.4, released 2010-07-05

  • Bugfix: when the output won't fit, and the last widget is a Pathname, the last character is no longer chopped off.