README for seivot

Seivot is a program for benchmarking backup software. It was written for developing Obnam, but it should be possible to adapt it to also support other on-disk backup solutions, such as rsync or rdiff-backup.


./seivot --log=foo.log --log-level=debug \
    --initial-data=1m --incremental-data=1m --generations=2 \

Use the --use-sftp-root and --use-sftp-repository options to simulate backups over a network. This happens over localhost, so it's hardly a realistic simulation, but it at least measures the overhead of using SFTP over direct file access. You need to have ssh configured for localhost access, either via a passwordless key or ssh-agent.


Copyright (C) 2008-2012 Lars Wirzenius, Richard Braakman

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