It seems obnam mount (the FUSE plugin) can't handle a client without non-checkpoint generations. This is unfortunate, even if it is fairly unlikely to happen. Should be easy enough to fix. --liw

Posted Wed Mar 5 08:02:41 2014

Obnam seems to be storing metadata quite inefficiently. I did this:

  • create a directory tree with about 1.3 million empty files
  • back that up

The data is about 500 megs (directory entries); the repository is about 82 gigabytes.

Where is the space used? Can we store it more efficiently and if we do, does that have an impact on runtime?


Posted Fri Nov 1 08:33:13 2013

Obnam needs tests for using every filesystem type available as live data or repository.

Not sure how to arrange that without root access, but there's a need to do that.

Posted Wed Oct 30 15:41:46 2013

Obnam has no test for what happens when the filesystem fills up.

Posted Wed Oct 30 15:41:46 2013

Ben Kelly reported on August 31, 2012, that he's seeing crashes due to file descriptor leaks. See list mail archive for logs and suggested patches. I have not been able to reproduce this, however. --liw

Posted Fri Feb 8 20:16:16 2013