Obnam 0.26 opens 2 ssh connections at the beginning of a backup and another one for each snapshot generation it creates. All of these connections stay open until obnam terminates. For a long-running backup session that generates a lot of snapshot generations this might become a problem since for every ssh connection there are 3 processes running on the server.

This behaviour seems to have been introduced with obnam 0.26. The previous version opened one ssh connection at the beginning of a backup and used it for everything. (Side note: This made it feasible to use password authentication, which is not possible anymore.) --weinzwang

I think this is related to the ssh locking changes in 0.26, and that the current bzr trunk has fixes for it. If you could verify and report, that would be excellent. You'll need the new larch 0.19 version, though. --liw

The problem is still the same with obnam 0.27. Every snapshot triggers a ssh authentication and the sshd processes pile up on the server. When obnam finishes, all connections are closed. --weinzwang


Found and fixed in bzr now. done --liw